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About Oyster
How Oyster was formed is a very normal story which all of us can easily relate to.

Being a delegate of China at JECRC’s MUN, the founder Rakshit Goyal was very much moved and inspired about how well an individual, being a student, cancan learn so much about various aspects of the world and gain a lot of knowledge on the world issues. But on the other hand, he and his co-delegates felt that the increasing popularity has turned up a false page and the quality of such a beautiful thing is gradually decreasing. So, Rakshit decided to take up this responsibility of shaping and helping the quality factor of the MUNs by organizing the MUNs in a better and fruitful manner and also give the knowledge and training to the ones who desire and need it, through various workshops, trainings and seminars. Discussing, filtering and nurturing this concept, Oyster International Trust of Model United Nations was formed.
Oyster International Trust of Model United Nations is a Non – Government Organization which has been established with the object of enhancing the information and knowledge about The United Nations in the world by organizing different events, programs and conferences viz. Model United Nations Conferences, Global Villages, Workshops and Seminars keeping in mind the Globalization aspect on an International Level. This will not only inform and update the students of different Schools, Colleges and Universities but also the higher authorities in Government and Corporate about the working and impact of The United Nations in our world.
We also spread knowledge about different career opportunities at The United Nations so that youth can explore more options for their career and The United Nations will also get smart and trained people with diversified culture and thoughts to work in fulfilling the aims and objectives of the Organization. We firmly plan to indulge ourselves in organizing different oratory and networking events viz. Youth Parliamentary Debates, Moot Courts, TEDx Conferences, etc. which will enhance the leadership potential in the youth and in future this will serve to make our world a better place to live. We will work with the support of Different Social Welfare and Corporate Organizations of the world. And we support the United Nations in promoting and implementing the aims and objects of Culture, Health, Friendly Relations, etc. in a Peaceful manner. We also focus on empowerment of Poor / Children / Women / Deprived People by supporting them voluntarily with or without the affiliation of other Self Governing bodies, Corporate Companies and Non – Government Organizations which will then improve their living standards and subsequently favor our Nation in a good Economic Growth.

One of our aims is to develop infrastructure in near future which will work as a Training / Education Centre with the facility of accommodation, food and administration so that small group of the aspirants can be educated at one place in an economic manner. We engage ourselves with the Government, Corporate Companies, PSU’s, NGO’s, Trust, etc. by working with them to discharge their obligations towards fulfilment of their Corporate Social Responsibilities activities or otherwise by anyway or means for creating awareness in each and every class of people on every aspect and any location.

“Equip the Youth to Unite the World”


“Facilitate the youth witha unique platform to share knowledge irrespective of their culture, language and nationality via Model United Nations Conferences in order to unite the world.”

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